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Really Blackstone Fortress Part I — June 17, 2019

Really Blackstone Fortress Part I

I have returned. After dedicating the recent past towards re-watching GoT prior to watching Season 8, I am now back to the regularly scheduled programing. As the show far surpassed the books in timelines presented, I can still root for Stannis ‘the Mannis’ Baratheon.

I thought initially of breaking down the final product of Blackstone Fortress into several, individual posts but I promise to have only three parts to this presentation. Even now there are components of this game I have not even assembled and may not ever in the foreseeable future. Do not fret soon to be dusty Navigator. There will be room for you in the 30K.

For today we have the ‘Traitor Guardsman’; two squads of seven with each led by a Traitor Sergeant. Regulars will see they have been conscripted to my Warp Cult. We also have the Beastmen, Rogue Psykers and Negavolt Cultists.

Honesty, these models are nice, but this familiar exercise felt more like work then hobby. This is probably because I have now painted over a hundred Renegades/Warp Cultists and am experiencing colour fatigue. I am far more excited with the progress on the Chaos Space Marines, Xenos and Spindle Drones as they offer something completely different and vibrant.

Enjoy and yes those are House Baratheon banners in the background!

As always… questions, concerns, conundrums and existential dilemmas are always welcome.



Mr. Kalidor


Organized Chaos: Renegade Infantry Squad One — June 24, 2017

Organized Chaos: Renegade Infantry Squad One

The first squad is complete! This represents the first of two squads originating from the Dark Vengeance set. Having been collecting dust for far too long they became the test batch to see how the colour scheme from the Chaos Basilisk and Sentinel set carried over to infantry models.

The ‘rifles’ squad and the ‘assault weapon’ squad to follow also represent the least kit-bashed/modified models for the Warp Cult/Chaos Renegade Forces.


As always, feedback is welcome!









Organized Chaos: Chaos Basilisk WIP — January 1, 2017

Organized Chaos: Chaos Basilisk WIP

Cheers to 10,000 Years of Human Erosion: Heretical Basilisk Conversions

This trio of Basilisk Artillery Tanks was purchased a long time ago. In fact, they were purchased as a set when the very first edition of Apocalypse was released. Compared to modern pricing they were a steal; set price, from a US online retailer. Those were the days.




The Basilisk is very much a love, hate model for me. I love them because a Basilisk was one of the first models vehicles I painted as a teenager. Although it was a terrible paint job there was still a level of satisfaction upon completion. The hate stems from its open-topped firing platform. I find that ghastly. This level of hate was increased upon discovery of the Forge World variant that is fully enclosed; the Armageddon Pattern Basilisk. That model is beautiful, but the result was my trio of Basilisks remained assembled, yet unpainted for years.

That was until I decided to divide my ever growing collection of Imperial Guard between those loyal to the Imperium of Man, and those opposed to it. I blame the Imperial Armour books involving the Siege of Vraks for showing an alternative to the conventional Imperial Guard. These tainted, rusty, bloodied, cultist versions of typically loyal vehicles offered a huge level of customization ideas to the fray.

As such my oft ignored Basilisks found new life, their open firing platforms now fitting perfectly with the heretical forces. These became as a result, my first attempt to convert vanilla models to servants of the Dark Gods.



This conversion is fairly basic. As these vehicles would have once upon a time served loyal forces, I wanted their initial imperial motifs to be somewhat present as if lazily removed. As such a dremel was taken to the Imperial eagles found on the sides of the vehicle and on the top of the gun shield. I wanted to ensure the remainders of the winged eagles were still somewhat visible to ensure the look of a haphazard modification conducted by those more interested in fighting then presenting a tidy vehicle.

Additional additions came by way of visiting my Bitz boxes. Banners were added to the tops of the gun shields, partially covering the original Imperial winged skulls. These were banners representing Chaos Undivided found in the Chaos Space Marine boxed set. The dozer blades, spikes and hull-mounted heavy bolter gargoyle came from the Chaos Rhino set.



As it stands, this represents the painted yet not weathered level. I attempted for the first time, to use the hairspray method. I believe it worked, but I also believe it would have worked better had I not allowed the hairspray to cure over such a long period of time.



It was airbrushed with a three-tone camouflage; the two beiges from the Afrika Korps set by Ammo, Vallejo Air White and Vallejo Air Gunmetal. The subsequent brushing involved both Vallejo and Citadel products.

This was my first of Ammo by Mig Jimenez and I was very happy with the paint. In fact Ammo will now form the Troika of go-to paints that normally consist of Vallejo and Citadel.

With the exception of the aforementioned hairspray technique on the barrel and locations where the Imperial livery was removed, the only other weathering was from some gunmetal sponging.

After this, I intend to add some very heavy weathering care again of Ammo products. I have never used these weathering products nor have I ever used enamels so this will be an interesting experiment.

Up next will be the remainder of the Chaos vehicles in progress; the Basilisks’ Forward Observers. This will consist of a trio of Chaos Sentinels, again kit-bashed from a variety of sources.