I have returned. After dedicating the recent past towards re-watching GoT prior to watching Season 8, I am now back to the regularly scheduled programing. As the show far surpassed the books in timelines presented, I can still root for Stannis ‘the Mannis’ Baratheon.

I thought initially of breaking down the final product of Blackstone Fortress into several, individual posts but I promise to have only three parts to this presentation. Even now there are components of this game I have not even assembled and may not ever in the foreseeable future. Do not fret soon to be dusty Navigator. There will be room for you in the 30K.

For today we have the ‘Traitor Guardsman’; two squads of seven with each led by a Traitor Sergeant. Regulars will see they have been conscripted to my Warp Cult. We also have the Beastmen, Rogue Psykers and Negavolt Cultists.

Honesty, these models are nice, but this familiar exercise felt more like work then hobby. This is probably because I have now painted over a hundred Renegades/Warp Cultists and am experiencing colour fatigue. I am far more excited with the progress on the Chaos Space Marines, Xenos and Spindle Drones as they offer something completely different and vibrant.

Enjoy and yes those are House Baratheon banners in the background!

As always… questions, concerns, conundrums and existential dilemmas are always welcome.



Mr. Kalidor