This gang may be for a game called Necromunda, and they may bare a striking resemblance to House Orlock but in a galaxy of a billion worlds, similarities are inevitable. This particular gang, The Krait Scales hale from the underhive of Mount Odysseus on Odysseus. Like many underhive gangs they wage proxy wars on behalf of distant noble benefactors; daring to dare where neither law nore order nor political might can succeed.

In fact, it is believed that the Krait Scales are the “legitimate” gang with none other than House Kalidor as its benefactor. Such may be whispers never uttered near the Great House of the Lord Marshal. Whether those, and other rumors of their affiliations with the Kalidor’s Special Enforcement Cadre are fact or fiction has yet to be proven. Perhaps most of the Krait Scales fail to know the truth themselves. For if they did, they certainly do not speak of it.

On a less dramatic note I present my first Necromunda Game. I was excited upon the return of Necromunda. It existed for me during my time with the Second Edition of 40K. I enviously longed for the gangs, but 40K and Necromunda combined were not economically viable for a young lad such as myself.

Add a few decades, and we have my big, bad, biker-miner gang. They do bare a striking similarity to the colours used by House Kalidor. After all the idea of a powerful House having its own secret gang is pretty cool.

The parts are a mix of vanilla Orlock and some Forge World arms and heads. The only kit-bash was turning the Delaque Sniper Rifle into a Combat Shotgun for my gang leader. You might see it strapped to his back. I suppose that means a Delaque based gang is inevitable…



As always, questions, concerns, conundrums and existential dilemmas are welcome.


Mr. Kalidor