Now we have Part II of the Palanite Enforcers. These are the Palanite Subjugators and they are beasts!

I will admit when I first read the rules for the Palanite Enforcers I assumed like many previous Necromunda gang-updates, that these would be Forge World exclusive upgrades.

As a self professed Forge World junkie that did not entirely bother me as I was happy with the House Orlock upgrades. I was however pleasantly surprised that they were in fact Games Workshop models.

When they finally released pictures of them I was not entirely impressed preferring the ‘vanilla’ options. That opinion changed in the flesh. They are well designed. The design lineage from Enforcer to Subjugator is absolutely present. The last images show a comparison of an Enforcer Captain and a Subjugator Captain.

I am pretty happy with how they turned out with the exception of the glowing effects. I may revisit that in the future.