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Servo Skull Musings: Momento Mori 2020 — February 3, 2020

Servo Skull Musings: Momento Mori 2020

Here we find ourselves a month into 2020. I have reflected on the fact that it takes me far too long to finish even the most minor of projects, yet the magnanimous ambitions remain.

As such I have created three goals for the year. I hope they will be attainable prior to 2021.

1) Death Korps of Krieg Phase I– This will include approximately 150 Death Korps of Krieg infantry models along with organic transportation including Centaurs, Chimera Storms, Crassus Armoured Carriers and a Hades Breaching Drill. Phase II which will hopefully fall into 2021 will consist of the Armour (Leman Russ Battle Tanks & variants), Heavy Armour (Baneblades) and Self-Propelled Artillery (Armageddon Patterns Basilisks and Hydra Flak Tanks).

2) (Functioning) Necromunda Game– Adding to House Orlock and the Palanite Enforcers will be the painting of my son’s gang, House Delaque. Equally important will be the completion of an actual Necromunda ‘table’. This will be based around a pair of the Zone Mortalis sets, other terrain elements (primarily from Kill Team) to create a 3D 4’x4′ modular gaming environment. Bonus round will include a few bounty hunters/hangers-on/hired guns/dramatis personae models.

3) Purge 2020– The collection must be culled. While I am committed to finishing a Death Korps of Krieg, Elysian Drop Troopers, Armoured Battlegroup, Solar Auxilia Army and 30K Word Bearers Army before I die of old age, I must clear out some other projects. This will include selling my unpainted/un-assembled Imperial Knights Army, Eldar Army and Dark Eldar Army in addition to my partially complete Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii Army. By the time this is posted the first batch (Knights, Eldar, Dark Eldar) should be hitting ebay. If any of A Miniature Odyssey’s miniature following (see what I did there?) is interested, please feel free to contact me.



Necromunda: I am the law! Part II — January 27, 2020

Necromunda: I am the law! Part II

Now we have Part II of the Palanite Enforcers. These are the Palanite Subjugators and they are beasts!

I will admit when I first read the rules for the Palanite Enforcers I assumed like many previous Necromunda gang-updates, that these would be Forge World exclusive upgrades.

As a self professed Forge World junkie that did not entirely bother me as I was happy with the House Orlock upgrades. I was however pleasantly surprised that they were in fact Games Workshop models.

When they finally released pictures of them I was not entirely impressed preferring the ‘vanilla’ options. That opinion changed in the flesh. They are well designed. The design lineage from Enforcer to Subjugator is absolutely present. The last images show a comparison of an Enforcer Captain and a Subjugator Captain.

I am pretty happy with how they turned out with the exception of the glowing effects. I may revisit that in the future.



Necromunda: I am the law! Part I — January 20, 2020

Necromunda: I am the law! Part I

It has indeed been a while but that is not to say it has been idle time.

In spite of smaller scale overall projects, the long-term ambition remains.

I present Part I of the Palanite Enforcers.

As a youth I always regretted not getting into the original Necromunda. Even more I regretted not getting the original Enforcers or Arbites. Necromunda never happened for me until recently and Adeptus Arbites were being discontinued as an army by the time I was originally getting into 40K during Second Edition. My only experience for either as a youth were old black and white catalogues filled with models I would never possess.

There is as mentioned some long term ambition in these models. I look for adaptability in my collection. In this particular case, the heavy armour, selection of boltguns and shotguns leads me to one future conclusion… 30K Imperialis Militia Grenadiers!

Yes it is derivative of the Orlock gang but that is intentional. I intend from a narrative standpoint for the Orlock boys to be loosely allied with ‘justice’ and perhaps to even serve as the recruiting pool for future Enforcers.

The colour scheme will be eventually offset when I paint my son’s gang. From the collection he has selected House Delaque. It has only taken decades to find a nearby player. I did however have to create him.

In the meantime, Part II is to come…