Now we have our conclusion, and surprisingly for me, the most fun components of the box.

Sometimes the most simple painting leads to the best results. When it comes to the Ur-Ghals, they are as simple as possible. I think it works. Here we have an alien with no eyes but many noses. That’s right, those pink holes are all noses. I wanted to make their colour scheme as vibrant as their unusual senses. After all, a blind creature would have no sense of how ridiculously neon it would appear. I find myself typically using dry-brushing sparingly but for these I went to town and I think it compliments the overall ‘alien-ness’ compared to my more normal Chaos and Imperial subjects.

As for the Spindle Drones, they like the Robot before received a conservative paint scheme. A blue wash over the Gun Metal was really the only risky choice. For both the Ur-Ghals and the Spindle Drones they received simple bases with only a generous covering of Mig Jiminez ‘grime’. I wanted something different and have always loved the atmosphere of the 1986 film Aliens; that sickly moisture everywhere in the Alien hive on good old LV-4226.

Finally, the Chaos Space Marines, or more specifically, a trio of Word Bearers. I freely admit I stole the idea of painting these models from another blog. Credit where credit is due however. I found this idea at . I modified it slightly with the incorporation of Rub’n’Buff furniture polish. Honestly, I read about that idea a long time ago and cannot remember where I originally saw it.

1) Black Prime

2) Heavy Dry-Brush of Chrome Metallic Furniture Polish (Chrome Rub’N’Buff)

3) Varnish (Since the Polish does not dry)

4) Airbrush with clear Tamiya Red

From there on out, the painting followed the normal routine. While I was very happy with the results which provided a lot more of an ethereal depth then simply painting metallic red, it was very time consuming. Far down the queue there is a massive amount of 30K Word Bearers.  Time will tell if I have the patience to use this method on all of them.



As always, questions, concerns, conundrums and existential dilemmas are welcome.


Mr. Kalidor