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Organized Chaos: Update & Blackstone Fortress — November 10, 2018

Organized Chaos: Update & Blackstone Fortress


Games Workshop is testing me. With the exception of the Red Scoprion Kill Team I have managed to remain focused on the Warp Cult for a long time now.

Enter Blackstone Fortress. I remember the earlier incarnations of Warhammer Quest when I first became interested in Games Workshop during the second edition. I remember thinking… if only it was a Science Fiction setting.

Well, several decades later and now it is. After building the entire set in one outing which is unusual for me I can state the models are beautiful and the game looks great.

They remind me a great deal of the models that came with Dark Vengeance. With the exception of the Chaos Cultists in that box, most of Dark Vengeance is sitting in my basement at various degrees of completion and abandonment.

I compare it to Dark Vengeance as both a compliment and a criticism. As stated the models are beautiful. They are however very limited. With the exception of the explorers (red models) and the Chaos Lord, everything else is essentially consisting of two duplicates; two each of the same Chaos Space Marine (except the head), two each of seven Renegade Guardsman, two each of the…. and it keeps going.

Again they are awesome looking and nice enough for me to bump them in the painting plan… especially as there are fourteen Renegade Guardsman to be added to the Warp Cult.

So yes Games Workshop… I am furious that this set is nice enough that it will interrupt my painting plan.


I have the Line Infantry almost done, with the Standard Bearers, Champions and Characters to shortly follow. I was intending on completing the Warp Cult Grenadiers and Warlord (converted from Tempestus Scions and also to pull double duty as an Astra Militarum Kill Team), followed by Orgyn and Beastmen Brutes.

Now Blackstone Fortress will be bumped before the Grenadiers and Brutes.

However, with that said, I present one of the last batch of ‘normal’ Infantry that was a part of the original plan.









As always, questions, concerns, conundrums and existential dilemmas are always welcome.


Mr. Kalidor


Organized Chaos: More Forge World Warp Cultists — October 12, 2018

Organized Chaos: More Forge World Warp Cultists

After a nice change in pace that the Red Scorpions presented it was time to return to the Warp Cult. This batch represents much of the remaining ‘line infantry’ troops.

As a note, I have had the Forge World Renegades & Heretics line for many years. I cannot sing their praises enough. With that said I was saddened when the line was discontinued. I recognize that most took notice of the strange array of Horus Heresy era-Astartes, Solar Auxilia and Mechanicum cuts, but it was this and the death of the Elysian product line were far more disappointing to me. I hope the Death Korps of Krieg have a few more years of life in them before they too are retired from production.








As always, questions, concerns, comments and existential conundrums are always welcome.


Mr. Kalidor

The Studio Tour & Project Update — July 16, 2015

The Studio Tour & Project Update

After some cleaning and tidying of the studio, I felt it appropriate to take some photos for a small tour. This room has had many titles attributed to it over the past year; 3rd bedroom, den, man cave and now studio. I landed on studio because everything in the room supports some aspect of the planning, production and finishing of hobby elements. From the books that serve as inspiration onwards this room is nothing but Games Workshop. The walls are a bit barren and my hopes are to find frames to support some of the wonderful posters I have collected over the years that sometimes included with the Imperial Armour Books from Forge World.

Although not clear in the pictures due to the sudden tidying up project, the following are currently in the works:

Warhammer 40K- Imperial Fortress Walls, Chaos Space Marines, Space Hulk and some last minute tweaking to my Execution Force Assassins.

Age of Sigmar- Starter Set and the old Skullvayne Manse scenery/terrain piece.

In terms of the Studio, here comes the tour.


I have divided it into four sections for all intents and purposes.


First we have the Assembly Stations. The first as you can has the Skullvayne Manse being worked on. It is on temporary hold because I want to use some ideas from the Imperial Fortress Walls on this if those ideas end up working.


The second assembly station has essentially been taken over by the Fortress Walls. It serves more as a staging point then anything else at the moment as most of the painting is currently being done in the garage.


This is the Airbrushing station. A future project will be creating some form of paint rack because the quantity and variety of paints is getting somewhat greedy with space and difficult to keep organized.


Here we have the brush painting and finishing station. Everything post-airbrushing is done here.


This is the embarrassingly large WIP and to be started storage space. The top shelf houses 40K terrain kits. The second shelf and part of the third shelf is completely Leman Russ Battle Tanks and Baneblades needing to be primed. The remainder of the third shelf contains a primed Forge World Imperial Strongpoint, several out-of-production Forge World Pillboxes, an out-of-production Taros Building and a basket of miscellaneous smaller terrain. The fourth shelf down contains two baskets of Forge World models (mostly Tauros and Tauros Venators), and out-of-production Warhammer Chapel, and out-of-production Warhammer Fortified Manner, and an empty basket ready for Age of Sigmar. The floor contains the largest basket full of smaller 40K kits and the rest of the space is taken up by an assortment of boxed sets such as Dark Vengeance, Space Hulk, Assassinorum and Execution Force.


Finally we have the bookshelf of more WIP projects such as my Chaos Space Marine Infantry and Space Hulk miniatures. The Blood Angels have been base coated, the remainder primed. Of course the bookcase also contains books of course which in addition to the wide variety of websites out there provide a great deal of my inspiration.

That would be my workspace. Preliminary plans are in place for the design of a gaming space in the house that hopefully can hold a 8’x5′ table (subject to change based upon the Imperial Fortress Walls).