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Works In Progress: Monsters & Savages & Robots Oh My! — October 28, 2015

Works In Progress: Monsters & Savages & Robots Oh My!

Currently, there are three projects in studio at the moment. The plan is to complete a last batch of Age of Sigmar Chaos models; The Mighty Khorne Lord, The monstrous Krorgorath, the Bloodsecrator and the Bloodstoker. There are a few more AoS Chaos models in various stages of assembly, but this will conclude the first batch for now. Final images of the Chaos Heroes will be posted upon completion.


After spending almost all project time with AoS of late, I find myself pining for my good old 40K. While initially it was a toss up between painting the mass of Chaos Space Marines/Renegades & Heretics that have been assembled or the mass of Imperial Guard that have been assembled, an unexpected detour from both will herald my return to the more familiar 40K canon.

Enter then, the Adeptus Mechanicus. This is the last airbrush stage before moving to conventional brushes. It consists of what would be the Skitarii Maniple formation complimented by a Tech Priest Dominus, a Datasmith and a pair of Kastellan Robots. You may also notice a pair of Tech Priest Enginseers, a pair of Gun Servitors and a pair of Tech Servitors. Although intended for my Imperial Guard, the Tech Priests will follow the same scheme as the rest.

It should be noted that although this is a AdMech/Skitarii/Cult Mechanicus force, they are intended to be the first component of the Forge World Ino 14th Tech Guard Regiment and therefore part of the greater whole of intended Imperial Guard units.


Also, making slow progress are the Forge World Imperial Fortress Walls, now know as the Odysseus Gate.



After the Admech models are completed, I will likely conclude my AoS project by painting the remaining Chaos models and of course the followers of Sigmar. Unless something drastically changes that will bring all of my focus back to 40K, divided between the Imperium and Chaos.

Thanks for reading.

Mr. Kalidor