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Assassinorum Execution Force — July 3, 2015

Assassinorum Execution Force

Assassins Assemble!

After a few weeks of ‘playing’, my set of Assassinorum Execution Force is nearing completion. I quoted the word playing because this was for all intents and purposes new ground for me which in turn forced me to test out new methods previously alien to me.

Firstly it should be noted that all four of the Assassins; Vindicare, Eversor, Callidus and Culexus are magnificent sculpts and were an absolute pleasure to paint (and in some cases correct paint then paint again). Despite the kit being rounded off with some off-the-shelf Chaos models I also had great fun working on the Chaos Terminator Sorcerer.

As for the cultists, well that is for another post.

With regards to the four assassins and Chaos Lord, I stuck fairly close to the source material. After all, why wouldn’t a super powered, highly skilled, universe renowned agent of the Imperium not wear black? In order to offset the black I found myself turning all straps, pouches and similar accoutrements being painted red. I also found opportunities to experiment with additional colours wherever possible.

Due to the amount of strapping on the Eversor, he ended up being predominantly red and black eliminating much need to accent or contrast further.


The Callidus ended up being the most colourful with her pink and blue hair and green power weapons offsetting the black bodysuit and red straps.

Similarly the glowing affect I attempted to play with on the Cullexus Assassin which I feel worked well and added some much needed colour to the otherwise metallic and black character with a few red straps.

Finally, and most challengingly was the Vindicare. The Vindicare was by far my favourite model and has been my favourite assassin for two decades. Unfortunately as the classic super sniper there was little vibrancy to bring out. Although I believe he turned out fine I think he could have benefited from some dazzle!


As for the Terminator Lord, he was an experiment every step of the way; from airbrushing through to his blood staff, every part of him started with ‘I wonder how this would look?’ or ‘I wonder what this will do?’. The end result I am however happy with. I will need to continue to work on the glowing effect around the face. Although acceptable I feel like I missed the mark.

More to follow after actually playing a game or two…