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Servo Skull Musings: Work, Life, Hobby Balance — July 4, 2016

Servo Skull Musings: Work, Life, Hobby Balance

Working adults need work/life balance; a phrase often thrown around, yet rarely realistic.

This has been a subject on my mind lately as my hobby collection receives less attention then usual due to work and life. The thought pattern evolved to highlight the irony of the hobby. When I was young, and discovered this hobby of ours, there was time but no money. As the years move forward into young adulthood, adulthood and now that thirty-plus era, money can fluctuate, but is more readily available then that younger version possessed. That younger self seemingly had all of the time in the world. Now, the other side of that is the total lack of time to enjoy the purchases or creative investments due to the inevitability of increasing adult responsibilities.

While I am the first to admit work/life balance exists for me, it is however unwholesomely skewed towards the work aspect. I am forced to wonder in which crack of the edifice of the work/life balance concept one’s hobby falls into? I understand that the situation is common and I am not unique in these requirements.

I have a young son. I have a demanding job. I have a house to care for. As aforementioned, nothing unique, and certainly not atypical. So how do others conduct their unusual miniature-based hobbies? How do others partake without sacrificing work, family or home? All represent non-negotiables in my life. The collection is present and growing, the ‘special space’ to work on and store them exists, yet progress is slow. Time is limited. Energy is not present.

My ideas, ambitious plans and projects remain intact. There is the acceptance that for the moment I have slowed down, but I am certainly not out. If fact writing this and as such formalizing my own commitment to myself not to give up, I know this hobby for me is far, far from over.

So what do you do? How do you maintain that special time for your miniature projects without sacrificing family, home or employment?