Despite being back from training I have found that not only has my desktop died, but so to has my laptop, as such this will be my first attempt at creating  post on a Microsoft Surface. This is a challenging task being my first in depth experience with what I would consider to me to be an unconventional virtual keyboard.

After catching up, I returned right back into painting by kicking off my Blood Warriors from the Age of Sigmar starter set.

IMG-20150829-01065 IMG-20150829-01066 IMG-20150829-01067 IMG-20150829-01068 IMG-20150829-01069 IMG-20150829-01070

Having briefly explored the massive amount of options n the twenty-man Blood Reaver set released two weeks ago I am very excited to get my hands on the customizable Blood Warriors.

I will be continuing to work my way through the chaos side of the starter set and subsequent releases. Then on to the Sigma side.

I suspect that will be somewhat alternated with my 40K projects which are feeling neglected.

More to come and thanks for stopping by.

Mr. Kalidor