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Organized Chaos: Update & Blackstone Fortress — November 10, 2018

Organized Chaos: Update & Blackstone Fortress


Games Workshop is testing me. With the exception of the Red Scoprion Kill Team I have managed to remain focused on the Warp Cult for a long time now.

Enter Blackstone Fortress. I remember the earlier incarnations of Warhammer Quest when I first became interested in Games Workshop during the second edition. I remember thinking… if only it was a Science Fiction setting.

Well, several decades later and now it is. After building the entire set in one outing which is unusual for me I can state the models are beautiful and the game looks great.

They remind me a great deal of the models that came with Dark Vengeance. With the exception of the Chaos Cultists in that box, most of Dark Vengeance is sitting in my basement at various degrees of completion and abandonment.

I compare it to Dark Vengeance as both a compliment and a criticism. As stated the models are beautiful. They are however very limited. With the exception of the explorers (red models) and the Chaos Lord, everything else is essentially consisting of two duplicates; two each of the same Chaos Space Marine (except the head), two each of seven Renegade Guardsman, two each of the…. and it keeps going.

Again they are awesome looking and nice enough for me to bump them in the painting plan… especially as there are fourteen Renegade Guardsman to be added to the Warp Cult.

So yes Games Workshop… I am furious that this set is nice enough that it will interrupt my painting plan.


I have the Line Infantry almost done, with the Standard Bearers, Champions and Characters to shortly follow. I was intending on completing the Warp Cult Grenadiers and Warlord (converted from Tempestus Scions and also to pull double duty as an Astra Militarum Kill Team), followed by Orgyn and Beastmen Brutes.

Now Blackstone Fortress will be bumped before the Grenadiers and Brutes.

However, with that said, I present one of the last batch of ‘normal’ Infantry that was a part of the original plan.









As always, questions, concerns, conundrums and existential dilemmas are always welcome.


Mr. Kalidor


Organized Chaos: More Forge World Warp Cultists — October 12, 2018

Organized Chaos: More Forge World Warp Cultists

After a nice change in pace that the Red Scorpions presented it was time to return to the Warp Cult. This batch represents much of the remaining ‘line infantry’ troops.

As a note, I have had the Forge World Renegades & Heretics line for many years. I cannot sing their praises enough. With that said I was saddened when the line was discontinued. I recognize that most took notice of the strange array of Horus Heresy era-Astartes, Solar Auxilia and Mechanicum cuts, but it was this and the death of the Elysian product line were far more disappointing to me. I hope the Death Korps of Krieg have a few more years of life in them before they too are retired from production.








As always, questions, concerns, comments and existential conundrums are always welcome.


Mr. Kalidor

Kill Team: Red Scorpion Reivers — October 7, 2018

Kill Team: Red Scorpion Reivers

Disclaimer One- Painting progress has certainly been slowed by my son and I adding a puppy to the mix. My three year old selected and named the now 14-week old Chihuahua-Poodle puppy… ‘Andi the Girl’. Chipoodle? Poohuahua? Anyways…

Disclaimer Two: This is far more of a strange factoid then anything else. It occurred to me that in spite of having been (on and off and on and off again) involved with 40K since the Second Edition. In all that time I have never actually completed painting a member of the Adeptus Astartes until now.

Ironically enough, they are not even for me but for a local store.

This particular Kill Team originated from the ‘Fangs of Ulfrich’ starter set. While some might suggest, based upon the accessories that they were intended to be Space Wolves. As I am likely to disregard any accessories and box-art and due to my appreciation for all things Forge World, they swiftly became Red Scorpions.

This allowed me to break out some old copies of Imperial Armour books such as The Amphelion Project and the original Vraks Trilogy. These reference books in addition to some creative interpretation for including a red face-mask for the Sergeant led to the final results.

Obviously, as the included scenery was industrial in nature, they were painted yellow to match the Forge World Nester esthetic I utilized for my Skitarii projects.














As always, questions, concerns, comments and existential conundrums are always welcome.


Mr. Kalidor