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Servo Skull Musings: When Obsession is Defeated by Reality — December 12, 2017

Servo Skull Musings: When Obsession is Defeated by Reality

As we stand less than a month away from a new year, I find myself reviewing my objective of completing the Infantry component of my Chaos-worshipping traitors.

I still have about seventy models remaining with about twenty nearing completion. This of course excludes Champions, Standard Bearers, Discipline Masters, Officers, Ogryns and Tanks.

That is not to say that there has not been progress on other previously sidelined projects. To avoid themed army burnout, I have switched gears periodically to work on terrain boards, returning to the Forge World Fortress Walls that have seen little progress until recently.

With that said, after spending a year working on a massive army, while balancing life, family and everything in between, I have been forced to revaluate the scope of my project.

Currently in bags and boxes, armies of Horus Heresy Word Bearers, Solar Auxilia, Death Korps of Krieg, Elysian Drop Troopers, Eldar War Host, Cult Mechanicus Skitarii and an Astra Militarum Armoured Battlegroup desperately seek attention. This is in addition to years of one-off kits and releases from Dreadfleet to Shadow War Armageddon that accumulate dust.

While these collections wait patiently for some twisted obsessive-compulsive collection to become complete, the reality and awareness of the scope of work ahead of me has finally become blatant. I surmise that even if I dedicated forty hours a week to this hobby, there would still be five to ten years of work before me.

This is certainly not an “I Quit” blog. Quite the contrary; it is in fact a recommitment by way of narrowing my focus.

I have decided in fact to redirect my focus on a much smaller (yet still Apocalypse-scaled collection). It will be based around a force of Solar Auxilia allied with an Imperialis Militia, thusly giving my Death Korps of Krieg a future aspiration to be built and painted. This will oppose a company of Word Bearers supported by a Warp Cult.

That means, quite simply, that I am converting to the Horus Heresy. That also means that I aspire to become more then a collector, but look to playing games in the Age of Darkness. I will likely keep a collection of other characterful models in hopes of one day using them for Rogue Trader or Dark Heresy or Inquisitor 28mm.

So, that leaves the Great Purge! Already I have begun parting ways with many armies having sold a Chaos Space Marine Army, and an Age of Sigmar Army. A Khorne-based Age of Sigmar Army is also on ebay with many more to follow.

It is a challenging thing to part ways with such collections and I know my variety of Forge World wares will be the most difficult to let go of. A decade of collecting Forge World 40K will be beginning to head to eBay over the next two months and I clear house to keep my sanity and redirect my focus.

As such the future will hold the completion of now-Warp Cults Army, then the Word Bearers, Krieg-based Militia and the Solar Auxilia. This will be done with regular deviations to the gaming display table that continues to take shape in the basement.

This is a time of mixed feelings. I have been quite attached to this ever-growing collection, yet I must admit that they are simply collecting dust. I think a reduction will help continue the progress towards completing an entire army.

I am not one to shamelessly self promote, but as I know what few readers I have are of like-mind when it comes to our hobby, I will keep people posted when some of the more unique and massive Forge World-related items begin to make their way to Ebay.

More to come…


Mr. Kalidor

Product Review: Sarissa Precision Chateau — November 5, 2017

Product Review: Sarissa Precision Chateau

I apologise for not posting far more often. In spite of the silence, my free time in the late hours of the night has still been hard at work. Stay tuned for another Chaos Renegades/Warp Cult update.


In order to prevent myself from burning out on painting a massive army, that in spite of being customized, uses a limited palette of colour, I have begun dividing my time between the models and the continuation of a massive terrain table.

That has brought me to today’s review of the Sarissa Precision Chateau and Fountain. This has been my first acquisition of laser-cut scenery. My opinion of the concept of laser-cut scenery has historically been very low. Compared to the alternatives offered by GW, FW Realm of Battle tiles and (especially) the out-of-print FW terrain, laser-cut scenery always seemed to lack dimension.


With that said, while scouring the internet for scenery ideas for the Big Project, I came across the Sarissa Chateau. It occurred to me that in spite of that low opinion, I had never actually even tested laser-cut scenery.  I discovered the Chateau and liked it’s somewhat gothic look. Being similar enough to GW, yet unique enough to stand out, I decided to order it along with a Fountain.

What I found surprised me. It looked good. It was reasonably priced. Most importantly… it was incredibly easy to build!

I type easy to build with two caveats; the stairs, and the addition of floors. First, the stairs were the only construction challenge. They were simply a pain. My solution ended up being tweezers and patience. This was probably the longest part of the overall assembly.

My other concern was that this is not modular to the point of adding more floors. More floors can be added, but require additional cutting. Having seen the final product I have decided to build another to add a floor to the building. Four floors is better then three. However, this will require modification for fit.

The end result, and first attempt at laser-cut added up to perhaps two hours worth of assembly. I imagine that that time could be drastically reduced once beyond the first-timer uncertainty.

At this point, the idea occurred to me which was seconded by my three-year old son, that this would become the capital estate in the Big Project. Alas, we have Kalidor Manor!

While I cannot speak for all laser-cut scenery, I am happy with the model produced by Sarissa Precision and recommend them as a supplement to the GW scenery purists.



More to come on the Big Project.

As always, feedback is always welcome.


Mr. Kalidor



Organized Chaos: Renegade Catachan Kit-Bash 2 of 2 — September 13, 2017

Organized Chaos: Renegade Catachan Kit-Bash 2 of 2

The Auxilia Militia/Warp Cult continues to grow with the second and last kit-bash using the Catachan Jungle Fighters as a base. As with before ingredients from Cadian Shock Troopers, Arch Flagellants, Chaos Marauders and Genestealer Cults have also found their way into this project.

As a note, for those looking for an easy modification, the Chaos Marauder arms work very well with the Catachan Torsos.

The next rounds of Renegades will feature the Cadian Shock Troops as the basis.

In the meantime, enjoy!







As always, questions, concerns, comments and existential dilemmas are always welcome.


Mr. Kalidor