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Organized Chaos: Renegade Infantry Squad Two — July 2, 2017

Organized Chaos: Renegade Infantry Squad Two

Here we have the second of two squads originating from the Dark Vengeance set. The only true conversion again is the Catachan Vox unit.

With these complete it is time to move on to the ‘true’ kit-bashes/conversions. This will start with the basic Catachan models accented with all manner of 40K and AoS components.

More to come!






As always; questions and comments always welcome.


Mr. Kalidor

Organized Chaos: Renegade Infantry Squad One — June 24, 2017

Organized Chaos: Renegade Infantry Squad One

The first squad is complete! This represents the first of two squads originating from the Dark Vengeance set. Having been collecting dust for far too long they became the test batch to see how the colour scheme from the Chaos Basilisk and Sentinel set carried over to infantry models.

The ‘rifles’ squad and the ‘assault weapon’ squad to follow also represent the least kit-bashed/modified models for the Warp Cult/Chaos Renegade Forces.


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Organized Chaos: Chaos Infantry Preview — May 2, 2017

Organized Chaos: Chaos Infantry Preview

As aforementioned in the last post, Basilisk Artillery Tanks and Armoured Sentinels need to be complimented with the appropriate levels of Infantry support.





As such, a puzzle of kit-bashes has been in the works. The 110 models you see before you represents a combination of the following:

  • Vraksian Renegades
  • Cadian Shock Troops
  • Cadian Command Squads
  • Catachan Jungle Fighters
  • Catachan Command Squads
  • Imperial Guard Tank Crew Components
  • AoS Chaos Marauders
  • AoS Arch Flagellants
  • Dark Vengeance Cultists
  • Genestealer Cult Conversion Kits
  • A literal crap-ton of miscellaneous ‘bitz’

They have all been thrown together to represent a cohesive yet visually divisive force of that will represent to Troop base of either an Imperial Armour Renegades & Heretics list or a 30K Warp Cult.

Each infantry squad will eventually contain twelve models which means that most of the pictures squads have yet to see their respective Champions and Icon/Standard Bearers.

Also yet to be constructed or converted are a variety of HQ and support units including:

  • Command Squad(s)
  • Enforcers
  • Apostate Preachers
  • Tempestus Scions to be converted to Chaos Grenadiers
  • Heavy Weapons Squads
  • Orgryn Berzerker Squad with Chaos Hounds
  • Greater Brass Scorpion
  • Rogue Psykers
  • Chaos Leman Russ Battle Tanks and Variants
  • Chaos Baneblade Super Heavy Tank

This represents my most ambitious project too date, and as can be seen, just the basic infantry will take a long while to complete. They will follow the same colour scheme as tested on the Basilisks and Sentinels.

As for painting, the first batch will be the Dark Vengeance Cultists. They are the least modified models pictured (really the only modification to them are the addition of Catachan Vox Casters).

Stay tuned for updates