Happy New Year (better late then never)!

I am happy to report that the heroes and monsters of the Age of Sigmar starter kit are complete. These were great fun to paint. They certainly took longer then the rank and file servants of Chaos but feel the result was worth the journey.

While I am certainly no expert painter, I feel like some progress has started to materialize.

First off we have our Bloodstoker; bloated and deformed by way of the sculpt. I tried to emphasize the pallid and putrid aspects of this war ravaged brute, especially around the weapon hastily sutured upon his stump.





Next up is the Bloodsecrator, with his mighty quad-axe, Khornate battle-standard and in true Khorne fashion… skulls! Lots of skull! Being a good servant of the god of blood and skulls I do not doubt these were all worthy foes. The pony tail wrapped in spinal bones looks great and was a nice touch. With that said however, it is very fragile and has fallen off numerous times. Overall still a beautiful model.




The Khorgorath was the model I was most nervous about painting. It seemed a bit daunting and every time I thought I was finished with a section, I discovered some new and overlooked detail. In the end however, I found that it was by far the most fun model to paint even among a group of fun to paint models.




Last but not least we have the Mighty Lord of Khorne. As with the rest, a wonderful model. The armor is extra detailed and worthy of such a character. The stomach is unarmored and in fact holds the mutated faces of victims. Finally the right arm turned mutated lobster claw-hand allowed me to borrow some techniques from the Khorgorath.




Finally for good measure, we have few group shot for scale and such…


This will mark the beginning a temporary break from AoS while I move back to my 40K roots for the next project; Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii.

Thanks for stopping by.

Mr. Kalidor