The (often overwhelming) Imperial Fortress Walls have now been primed and base coated. There are still several smaller detailed pieces that need to be primed and base coated; the Tarantula Turrets, vents and similarly small items.

Two components that may not make the final ‘cut’ include the railings along the walkway and the cargo lift/elevator. The railings are so small and flimsy that I believe including them on the final piece would lead to a destiny of being broken off and lost.

The elevator on the other hand is the victim of poor casting and some breakage. I do not believe it will detract from the final set if it cannot be suitably repaired.

Measuring the final length of the assembled kit it is 49″ long. You can get some idea of scale from a small variety of miniatures hiding in some cases and in other cases simply holding up the pillars (yes that is the Execution Force and the Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour again).

The next steps will include providing the entire model an oil wash, starting to airbrush and/brush additional details; metals, roofs, turrets, doors, statues, torches and so on.

As always feedback and questions are always welcome.


Mr. Kalidor