I recently developed that habit of painting one test model. This is because thinking of a colour scheme in my head does not necessarily translate to the model as I would have hoped. Choosing the test model in this case was simple; the free model Stormcast Liberator that came with one of the recent White Dwarf Magazines.

Despite having the starter set since before release, I have been struggling to find a suitable paint scheme. It hit me the other day that the culture of lighting, storms and two tailed comets in the night led me to draw inspiration for the 40K canon; the Nightlords. While I have never painted this particular Chaos Space Marine Legion, I am fond of the lightning bolts that adorn their power armour. As such that will serve as the inspiration for the test model.

Thus far is has been assembled, primed, based coated and shaded/inked.

Admittedly I have never tried anything like this so Part II will either be a success or utter failure destined to return to the drawing board. Hence the test model.

As far as the paint scheme and types there were as follows:

Airbrush Primer- Vallejo Black Primer

Airbrush Base Coat- Vallejo Air Blue

Brush Base Coats- Citadel Screamer Pink, Citadel Retributor Gold, Vallejo Model Colour Turquoise, Vallejo Air Gungrey

Shade- Citadel Nuln Oil

I do have to stat that this was a pleasure to paint. I have painted mostly Imperial Guard and Chaos. The Stormcast models have drawn more then a few comparisons to their future equivalent in the Space Marines. The truth is while I have started painting Space Marines over the years, such as from Dark Vengeance, or Space Hulk or what have you, I have never actually completed a Space Marine. For some reason I lose interest. I am pleased to state that this was not the case with the Stormcast Eternal Liberator. I enjoyed painting this model and I am now looking forward to finishing him and starting the work on the remainder of the force.

Of course then I have to figure out how to base these guys… but that’s a whole other process of thought.