The Imperial Fortress Walls are no longer available by way of Forge World. Once upon a time they were one of two terrain sets for Warhammer 40K that represented the pinnacle of scenery (the other being the Anphelion Base). Cast to order, and insanely priced I long ago resolved that I would never possess one and happily moved on.

Approximately two years ago while scouring Kijiji for interesting Warhammer private sales a deal was discovered that was too good to be true. I stress too good to be true. So good in fact, that I was convinced it must be a scam. Knowing what I did of the model from pictures, I knew the likelihood of it being fake or recast was slim. This is likely because in my opinion to  attempt to recast this would be an exercise in futility and a complete miss in profitability.

So, this meant that it was either a complete scam or the real deal. Normally a scam is relatively easy to spot on Kijiji when one meets up to make the transaction, but as this particular item was over six hours away, it was impractical to meet up to review the item.

As such, a chance was taken knowing that it could potentially be a scam and I would never see my money nor this near mythical model again. Money was sent and fingers were crossed.

A few days later a large cardboard box arrived. It was bloated and deformed and falling apart due to the weight and volume of its contents. Opening the box with childlike glee the truth had become apparent. For a fraction of the retail price, I now owned a complete Imperial Fortress Walls set (almost complete, I had to buy a pair of Tarantula Turrets from Forge World to complete the set).

However this success was a mixed bag. To see the components in both quantity and size, and without any form of instruction, it appeared almost overwhelming.

The only container that could wash the resin adequately was a bathtub! When test built it took up the dining room table!

Over the course of years, the utilization of various power tools, equipment and supplies this project began to take shape but never ceased to be overwhelming. Admittedly, there were many, many periods where the Fortress sat untouched for months on end but as the light slowly began to appear at the end of the tunnel, momentum in assembly and lessons hard learned began to take affect.

Now the Fortress is assembled by section, primed and mostly base coated. Momentum continues to build and I will provide progress as progress arises.

As visible from the attached pictures, the dark coloured components are primed and the light grey components are base coated. It has been test fitted numerous times and many of the smaller detail pieces and armaments require priming still.

As you can see, it does not even fit on the table in the pictures, so alas a larger table will be chosen for the next updates. I will likely leave it at least partially section to allow for movement as needed.

If by some chance the gentleman out there that sold this ever reads it, I hope he knows how grateful I am to have been able to purchase this item which never otherwise would have been within reasonable means, and alas is no longer available.