I am not sure how I missed this, but as there was no announcement I can find I can only assume it was the result of ninja activity.

Regardless, there is a free adventure for Dark Heresy Second Edition entitled Seeds of Heresy now under the player resources section of the Fantasy Flight website.

As I have stated in the past, I have the Second Edition books released to date, but do not play the game. I am simply very fond of the new depth these books bring to the 40K universe.

The premise follows Inquisitorial Acolytes and a forgotten agricultural world of the Askellon Sector. While this world was previously heavily influenced by the zealous administrators of the Imperial Cult, the Adeptus Ministorum, contact with the world has long been lost. As is typical with the endless bureaucracy of the Imperium of Man, contact was lost over two decades ago with a distress signal seemingly misplaced. The plea for help has since been uncovered and the player characters are sent on a mission of investigation to root out the veracity of the original distress signal and re-establish contact with the rural planet.

If you are a fan of Dark Heresy, a fan of the excellent background Fantasy Flight contributes to the canon of the 41st Millennium, or are simply looking for an interesting read, please check out the link below:

Click to access dark_heresyseeds_of_heresy_web.pdf