I suspect there is a certain predictability with regards to the 40K armies that interest me; the Imperium and Chaos. With that said I have always preferred the stalwart defenders that are the normal humans of the Astra Militarum/Imperial Guard. Their individual weakness in contrast to their unified might has left me as a fan for far longer then I should probably admit.

At the same time the superhuman Adeptus Astartes/Space Marines have typically held little interest. That is not to say anything is wrong with them but they simply of limited interest to me. Too perfect in a galaxy filled with imperfections.

The exception for me is the Horus Heresy. Admittedly I have none of that range, aside from some literature and artwork, yet I find the depth, flaws and intrigue far more interesting.

As such, for me, it is unusual that I am drawn to the new fantasy equivalent in the Stormcast Eternals. Their look reminds me of a fantasy film released a few years ago titled appropriately Immortals. There was a certain visual appeal in that film that seems prevalent in the concept and developing culture of this new fantasy faction.

Of course stay turned for another Forge World teaser at the bottom, but without further adieu, the Stormcast Eternals of Age of Sigmar:

Lord-Celestant Vandus Hammerhand leads his particular cadre of Stormcast Eternals from his celestial Dracoth steed; a very detailed model and a pain to assemble, yet an apt hero model to lead this mighty band of vengeful human warriors descending from the realm of Azyr upon Sigmar’s lightning bolts.

Hammerhand is of course supported by the leadership of the fantasy equivalent to a 40K Space Marine Chaplain. This Lord-Relictor Ionis Cryptborn. I am particularly fond of the sculpt’s skull-faced helm and detailed banner. This model adds a level of differentiation from the lineup without breaking from the design theme being set.



The Terminator-like Retributors represent the heavy hitting potential of this army. These are not my favorite models in terms of purpose but their design certainly conveys the slow moving, hulking destructive force they wield.



The metal-winged, hammer-hurling Prosecutors are beautiful models. Their wings are impressive and to be honest, when they are released as as a plastic standalone kit in the future I am very curious as to what other options and customization will become possible. Note the Prosecutor Prime’s wings are larger then his companions.



Finally, the last group of the Age of Sigmar starter set and no doubt the core troop choice (is there such a thing anymore?) are the Liberators. Nice models all, they wield hammers and shields. After seeing pictures of the upcoming plastic kit with new options I am very excited to arm some of these in the near future with warswords and parry blades.



In the words of Monty Python, and now for something completely different…

Primed and now base coated I present the second teaser of the Forge World Terrain project currently in development. This has been a long process and further in-depth story and more images will follow. There is quite a story behind this work in progress beast of resin.