I am pleased to state that the Age of Sigmar starter set is fully assembled! Tonight we will take a look at the Chaos side with the Stormcast Eternals making an appearance tomorrow. Over the next few days the models will be entering the ‘prepping’ stage as I call it. For me this usually takes longer then the assembly and involves removing the mold lines, filling gaps and other tweaking to the miniatures as necessary and then priming them.

It also gives me some extra time to contemplate and reflect on colour schemes. Some very interesting schemes were introduced in the companion book that came with the set. Some schemes are now visible on the GW website and in the newest issue of White Dwarf. I

am pleased to also state that this week should see a return to 40K with a Forge World terrain piece currently in the works. The first teaser image will be included with this post and a second teaser in tomorrow’s continuation.

And now onto the Goretide!

First we have Khorghos Khul, mighty Lord of Khorne and Grizzlemaw his daemonic hound.



Next we have Threx Skullbrand, Bloodsecrator. I must state that I am a fan of all of the sculpts but the part of this model that truly grabs my attention is the pony tail accented by a spinal cord!



Vekh the Flayer, Bloodstoker vaguely reminds me of the tormented Chaos Ogryns available through Forge World from the Siege of Vraks era.



Skuldrak the Khorgorath is the starter kit’s monster and personally mt least favourite model in the entire kit. I believe it may be the ‘face’ of the beast that just does not seem as strong as it could be (Can you even see his strange little head?)



Moving towards the infantry aspects of the starter set we have the Blood Warriors, bearing many of the Khornate trademarks but still nice miniatures. I am a particular fan of the Chaos Champion’s axe made from the jaw bone of some unlucky beast.



Finally we have the cannabalistic Bloodreavers. They are very interesting miniatures. I must admit being a 40K enthusiast before fantasy, the first thoughts that crossed my mind was converting these into Chaos Cultists to support my forthcoming Chaos Space Marines/Renegades and Heretics Warband.



Of course, the teaser comes last. This photo represents a primed component of a very large, out of production scenery piece. I am hoping to have it base coated this week. For those scenery fans out there it should be easy to recognize. A more obvious photo will be teased in tomorrow continuation.