This blog should be prefaced with a disclaimer. When this blog was created it was intended to focus on Warhammer 40,000 projects however a quick review of the posts uploaded to date has painted a different picture; Introductions, Assassinorum Execution Force and now a second post on Age of Sigmar.

Age of Sigmar
Age of Sigmar

40K will become more prevalent in the coming weeks but excitement over the Age of Sigmar has created a slight pivot to that end. In fact I am happy to state that I received my own copy of Age of Sigmar last night and this post will share some thoughts and pictures about my initial findings.

Further to that in the coming days, photos will be available of the assembled collection of the set as I move towards preparing to paint them.

Age of Sigmar represents my entrance into the fantasy world as created by Games Workshop. I have always been a fan of 40K with little to no interest in the Fantasy option. In fact, the two models I have previously purchased from the Warhammer Fantasy lineup were actually intended as conversions into 40K models.

With that said something caught my eye with Age of Sigmar. A reboot is sometimes a good thing that makes previously uninteresting subjects more accessible.With that said, I can say with some certainty that friendly games of Age of Sigmar will be in my near future.

The contents are well known at this point; the typical starter dice and measuring ‘stick’, forty-seven models, a four page (yes four page!) rulebook and a fairly in-depth background book that reminds me of the interesting books that came with my 2nd Edition 40K set back in the nineties.

I should also note that the set offers me as a 40K fan some familiarity in its contents. In my own mind upon review of the box I was able to see fairly quick parallels in the intended roles of the models.

For the Stormcast Eternals you have the ten basic troops; the Liberators led by their Liberator-Prime (Tactical Marine Squad). The set also includes two Retributors and a Retirbutor-Prime (Space Marine Terminators), Then there are the two Prosecutors and the Prosecutor-Prime (Assault Marines). Finally, you have the leaders/heroes in the Lord-Relictor (Chaplain) and the Lord Celestant (Captain/Company Master).

Similarly on the Chaos side you have twenty Bloodreavers (Chaos Cultists), five Blood Warriors (Chaos Chosen), one Khorgorath (Hell Brute), a Bloodstoker and a mighty Lord of Khorne (Chaos Lord).

While the similarities may prove controversial and perhaps unwelcome to some, coming from the 40K side I find it offers a welcoming level of familiarity with the forces of Chaos and the Stormcast Eternals.

To conclude, the new fast paced premise, fresh start and familiarity and access due to similarities is what drew me to Age of Sigmar. The models look fantastic and as someone who enjoys the modeling side of the hobby more than anything is most excited for assembling, prepping and painting the forty-seven models included.

With any luck, the assembled images will follow tomorrow. In the meantime enjoy the images supplied tonight.