Today pre-orders went live for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, effectively ending Warhammer Fantasy Battles in its current format.

Is this good? Is this bad? Does this mean anything at all significant?

A reboot has done some great things in other media forms; Batman, James Bond and Captain Kirk have all seen revitalization as a result of a good old fashioned reboot so perhaps after a few decades the realms of Warhammer could use the same update.

As a fan of the 40K universe my knowledge of Fantasy is, well, lacking. I have on occasion purchased individual models over the past few years either because they looked cool or because I felt I could convert them easily to become 40K characters.

While at a semi-LFGS (approximately and hour and a half away) I observed as staff took customers through demonstrations of the yet to be released game and was fascinated. I will not reveal the changes but admit I will be picking it up for something new since the recent 40K releases simply did not interest me.

I choose to look at this in a few ways:

1) Stand alone perhaps I can consider it as a board game akin to Dread Fleet or Space Hulk or Execution Force.

2) If I thoroughly enjoy it perhaps it will lead to future Age of Sigmar purchases (win for Games Workshop).

3) If I thoroughly dislike the game, the models are unique and interesting enough that with some conversions they could be made into 40K characters.

Really it becomes varying degrees of wins!

That concludes that thought for the day and I leave you with the newest trailer for Age of Sigmar!