I remember my father building me a little train set as a young child.

I remember being in elementary school when fellow students began bringing in what I would later come to know as Warhammer 40,000 Second Edition. I remember being taken aback from the quality of models, quality of painting and the depth of this fictional universe.

Of course I was not a wealthy child, with limitless time, wealth and skill. Not to say that this hobby was prohibitively expensive for a child of my age, but for all intents and purposes it was. I had the Second Edition Starter Set, a few Codex, and White Dwarf Magazines but never really found my niche within the niche.

So for many years I resolved myself to occasionally buying models, while far more often buying the literature and books. Ironically enough I would come to understand the universe of this model company with rarely ever touching any models.

Over the years I would make a few purchases from the Imperial Guard lineup but I never found myself able to commit fully to the hobby. Was is the dank sweat-permeated stores that encouraged these hobbies? Was it the veritable male-chastity belt of declaring this an interest of mine? Was it my own shortcomings of self confidence in even being able to assemble and paint a cohesive army? Did I even understand the rules?

This debate in the back of my mind would wax and wane over the years. As an adult I would occasionally visit the Battle Bunker store next to the Games Workshop Canadian Head Office. I would periodically visit the Forge World website and stare in blank wonderment at what they had accomplished. Yet, still I could not commit.

Then something quite unusual happened. Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse released and like a mad hatter my wallet bounced around the stores and internet locking down twenty Leman Russ Battle Tanks, seven Baneblades, three Basilisks and three Sentinels. I had committed. Or had I?

The truth is my mind finally committed to Games Workshop as a solution to my obsessive compulsive nature. Libraries of books from Games Workshop and Forge World let to the development of excel spreadsheets purely for the purpose of creating a hypothetical regiment, turned brigade, turned Expeditionary Force! It has evolved over the years and the procurement of models has grown with it. Only one major problem remained…. what do I do with them after I open the box?

That was the most challenging component. Years of planning, obsessing and investing and I do not even know the basics of painting. Comparing the few items I had painted over the years to what can be readily found on the internet is like comparing apples to some kind of fruit that no one has ever heard of.

Final inspiration would not be drawn through some new found courage, or boredom or inspiration but rather something wholly unexpected. Well not so unexpected, but rather something expected that caused an entire pantheon of new thoughts and emotions in its wake.

I was to be a father. In that one statement a life can change. Anyone who has experienced the ramp up towards fatherhood and the eventual explosion of euphoria that follows upon your child’s birth knows that little more explanation is required.

Within my own insane brain, with obsessive compulsive thoughts, a worrisome nature and a desperate need to share interests with the baby turns boy turns teen turns man over the years I was struck with a veritable bolt of lightning.

The solution already existed at least in foundation. I do not want to have a son playing violent video games over the internet while being screamed at by middle aged men. I do not want him to base his own self worth on how many virtual friends he has according to some sort of inane social media organization that he feels obliged to be a part of. I do not want him to spend years learning how to speak, write and think in words, phrases and sentences for all of it to become simply meaningless upon discovery of internet ‘speak’.

Instead I want to share with him something that is of value to me and that hopefully through his own accord he will grow to value and share with me. I hope that through an upbringing with physical games, I can positively contribute to his own personal development in areas of imagination, literacy and creativity. Fun memories with him when he is old enough, well that is just the bonus!

I remember my father building me a little train set as a young child.

I am building a Warhammer 40,000 collection for him. For him and I. For him and I and any progeny to follow.

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